Americans for the Arts has a strong and ongoing commitment to diversity in all its forms, internally and throughout the arts field and the communities our members serve. In addition to ongoing programming to help our members tackle diversity–including workshops at our main convenings and at local events–the Board of Directors and staff of Americans for the Arts have long had a Diversity Statement and a Diversity Hiring Policy which are stated below.

imageIn October 2006, the Americans for the Arts Board of Directors approved a new Diversity Statement reaffirming its commitment to advancing policies and practices that support diversity, equity, and pluralism in the arts and culture sector. Americans for the Arts strongly encourages all arts and culture organizations to adopt and make public a diversity statement that reflects their organization's mission, vision, goals, and values of the communities that they serve.

The Americans for the Arts Diversity Statement

The arts uniquely empower the creative vitality of every identity. Americans for the Arts understands that America's cultural vibrancy is due to its diversity. As such, Americans for the Arts acknowledges that all cultures are vital to the arts and the promotion of a culturally democratic world.

Therefore, Americans for the Arts supports the development, expression, and preservation of art and culture of all communities, groups, and individuals. We work to ensure that diverse populations throughout the U.S. have opportunities to appreciate and value the arts and to participate.

Recognizing that cultural diversity goes beyond language, ethnicity, race, and religion, to include crosscutting characteristics such as gender, sexual orientation, and range of ability and age, Americans for the Arts seeks to build an appreciation for the qualities brought to bear by each individual and cultural group with whom we share communities and the nation as a whole.

In order to provide informed, authentic leadership for the advancement of the arts, arts education, and arts access in America, Americans for the Arts is conscious of the need to promote diversity within the staff, board of directors, programs, audiences and written policies of our organization and those we serve.

Americans for the Arts will create and adhere to policies that increase and support diversity within the organization and enhance staff understanding of diversity issues in order to achieve its mission effectively and provide leadership for the field. Americans for the Arts will develop and evaluate strategic plans that include specific objectives for promoting diversity internally and in the field.

Americans for the Arts will commit time and resources to promote involvement and expand leadership opportunity. Recognizing that historical and present day inequities must be acknowledged and addressed to promote the realization of the full power of each community's cultural assets, Americans for the Arts works to advance policies and practices that support diversity, equity, and pluralism in the arts and culture sector.

Policy of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Americans for the Arts is an equal opportunity employer committed to a diverse workplace. Conditions of employment will not be influenced or affected by an applicant's or employee's race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, genetic predisposition, marital status, or any other characteristic protected by all applicable federal, state, or local laws and regulations.