Are you studying arts administration, arts education, or a fine art at the undergraduate or graduate level? Get a head start on your career by joining the organization for arts professionals in America.

Join Americans for the Arts and you’ll receive access to research, webinars, books, and industry publications. You can also participate in networking and professional development opportunities and receive career guidance.

We provide an array of networking and professional development opportunities, career guidance, educational resources (such as research, webinars, books and industry publications), and advice on how to advocate for the arts. Many of these great services are either free or specially priced for student participation.

A $50 Individual Membership gets you:

Discounts on event registration

Eligibility to apply for convention/conference scholarships

Unlimited free webinars for a year

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Training opportunities, such as the Local Arts Classroom

Access to professional listservs & research

Eligibility to serve on Leadership Network Councils

Free Advocate Membership through the Arts Action Fund

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