Play Your Part by Joining the Action Fund

Join the movement of grassroots advocates, teachers, artists, and community members who voice their support of the arts and arts education in America, and let your voice be heard from your front steps to the steps of the Capitol.

Speak Out with VoterVOICE

In two minutes, you can write your state and local elected officials about the value of arts education or find out about the latest federal-, state-, and local-level battles for the arts and arts education.

Spread the Word with Our Tools

Looking for basic arts education information, advocacy tips, and tools for a general arts education advocate? We’ve got a handy series of tools and publications to help you start affecting change for the creative future of our children.

Start a Conversation

Plan an event to generate community dialogue about the importance of arts education. Invite community leaders, school leaders, artists, students, teachers, and parents to participate. Visit the Documenting the Importance of Arts Education page to find out about screening films at your event as a way to spark the conversation.

Keep the Arts in Public Schools (KAIPS)

Join 1.2 million concerned citizens who take action through our social media page. This is a community of people dedicated to supporting the arts as part of a well-rounded education for all students.

2016 Annual Convention Livestream
Can't make it to Boston this year?
Boston, June 17-19, 2016

This year at our Annual Convention, we are live streamed all of our keynote presentations, multiple main convention sessions, as well as a select few preconference sessions.

You can watch any or all of these on our Americans for the Arts YouTube channel.