Want to start an employee engagement program in your community? Browse through our suite of employee engagement program workbooks below, visit ArtsU for more interactive tools and lessons, and visit our BVA Tools & Resources page for more information. Trying to make the case to businesses in your area that using the arts can engage their employees? Check out our one-pager advocacy tools, Six Ways to Use the Arts to Boost Employee Engagement and The Arts Boost Employee Engagement.

Arts-Based Training

This workbook focuses on one of the many ways arts organizations can work with businesses: arts-based training. This broad concept can be defined as employee engagement training or a cultural experience, delivered through various arts disciplines. This workbook the Arts & Business Council of Nashville's WorkCreative program, which brings arts into the workplace by engaging employees in hands-on creativity to stimulate communication, build teamwork, and spark innovation for effective business growth.

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Supplemental Materials
Platetone Project Proposal
Business Consultation Form
Survey Template

Corporate Arts Challenges

Corporate arts challenges can be broadly defined as any event that encourages creative participation from business employees in any artistic discipline in a friendly competition, and can include battle of the band competitions, juried employee art shows, or team-based challenges that present groups with a problem that must be solved through innovation and teamwork. This workbook centers on ArtsWave’s corporate arts challenge, CincySings, which brings arts into the workplace by creating a friendly, amateur singing competition featuring choirs of company employees.

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Supplemental Materials
Pitch Deck
Sing Off Event Host Instructions and Cincy Sings Official Rules
Coaching Guidelines
Judges Scorecard
Official Wild Card Rules
Social Media Guidelines
Audience Survey and Results
Participant Survey and Results

Business Volunteers for the Arts®

Business Volunteers for the Arts® (BVA) is a national skills-based consulting program operated by a network of organizations across the country under the leadership and coordination of Americans for the Arts. It pairs nonprofit arts groups with specially trained business executives who volunteer their time and skills to assist with distinct management projects. This guide is designed to assist new Business Volunteers for the Arts® (BVA) program managers by orienting them to the full options and potential of the program, as well as to delineate best practices in each of the program elements.

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Supplemental Materials
Case Study 1: Arts & Business Council of Chicago
Case Study 2: Arts + Business Council of Greater Philadelphia
Case Study 3: LexArts
Case Study 4: Arts & Business Council of New York
List of BVA Programs and Managers

Feasibility Study

BVA Brochure

Volunteer Application 1: Arizona Citizens for the Arts
Volunteer Application 2: Greater Hartford Arts Council
Volunteer Application 3: Arts & Business Council of New York
Volunteer Interview Questions

Volunteer Training Video 1: Non Profit Basics
Volunteer Training Video 2: Best Practices for Being a Consultant
Volunteer Training Video 3: Strategic Planning in the Arts
Volunteer Training Video 4: Marketing & PR
Volunteer Training Video 5: Fundraising in the Arts
Volunteer Training Video 6: Legal Issues in Nonprofit Organizations
Volunteer Training Video 7: Nonprofit Tax Form

Volunteer Orientation Agenda

Arts Organization Application 1: Arizona Citizens for the Arts
Arts Organization Application 2: Greater Hartford Arts Council
Arts Organization Application 3: Arts & Business Council of New York
Arts Organization Interview Questions

Project Agreement Form
Arts Organization and Volunteer Matching Checklist

Arts Organization Progress Report
Volunteer Progress Report
Arts Organization Final Report