Businesses often promote volunteerism as one of the key elements of employee engagement. Volunteer programs can make employees feel more engaged on the job, learn new skills or improve existing ones, and increase interaction between junior and senior employees. With a new set of engagement and structural options designed to best serve the organization running the placement program, as well as the businesses, volunteers, and art organizations involved, Business Volunteers for the Arts® encourages support of the arts sector while benefitting businesses by increasing the satisfaction and broadening the experiences of employees.

Business Volunteers for the Arts® (BVA) is a national skills-based management consulting program operated by a network of organizations across the country under the leadership and coordination of Americans for the Arts. It pairs nonprofit arts groups with specially trained business executives who volunteer their time and skills to assist with distinct management projects. The program provides unique leadership development opportunities for these volunteers–allowing them to apply and expand their professional skills and gain new perspectives by working outside their field.

BVA is designed to be customizable program according to the structure of your organization, your surrounding environment and community, and the business landscape in your area. The types of volunteers and engagement opportunities may be customized according to the volunteer base and arts organizations in need of assistance, and can include team skills-based placements, Ask a Consultant events, virtual volunteering, mentoring, Hackathon events, arts-based training, corporate arts challenges, and more.

Getting Startedimage

  • Need a BVA program in your community? Learn how you can establish a BVA (PDF, 287 KB).
  • Learn more about best practices when approaching businesses to engage them in partnerships such as Business Volunteers for the Arts on our pARTnership Movement site, which aims to reach business leaders with the message that partnering with the arts can build their competitive advantage.
  • For arts organizations trying to engage volunteers, learn about the best training techniques to ensure that they provide valuable services while improving their own skills, download our Working with Volunteers Toolkit (PDF, 377 KB). View the full set of toolkits on the pARTnership Movement site.

Tools and Resources

For Active and Future BVA Affiliates

  • For more information, tools, and resources on running a successful BVA program, visit the BVA Manager Resources Portal.
  • If you are interested in starting the BVA Program in your community (or learning more about volunteering), please contact the Private Sector Initiatives Coordinator at or 212.223.2787.