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Start a New Organization or Program
If you are interested in starting an Arts & Business Council, a Business Committee for the Arts, a United Arts Fund, or a Business Volunteers for the Arts program, please contact Private Sector Initiatives Coordinator, Jordan Shue, at There is a collection of documents available to assist with the exploratory stage of starting one of these organizations or programs, and the Private Sector Initiatives staff is more than happy to assist you through the process.

Arts & Business Council Logo & Branding Guide
If you are an Arts & Business Council (A&BC) that wishes to update its logo, or are a new A&BC seeking logo requirements, please download our Arts & Business Council Logo & Branding Guide. Please contact Jordan Shue with any additional questions.

pARTnership Movement: Arts & Business Toolbox
The pARTnership Movement is an initiative from Americans for the Arts to reach business leaders with the message that partnering with the arts can build their competitive advantage. The Toolbox on our pARTnership Movement website contains the following set of toolkits–everything you need to foster partnerships with businesses at your arts organization! Click on the toolkits below to get started:

Let’s Get Started: Using the pARTnership Movement Campaign
This "read me first" guide explains how to use our customized pARTnership Movement ads, as well as how to leverage the campaign with op-ed ideas and social media extensions.

Business Speak: Can We Talk?
This toolkit will provide information about how to engage and speak with business leaders regarding arts partnerships.

Building Partnerships with Businesses in Your Area Takes Work. And the Right Tools
To help you start successful business partnerships, we’ve put together this helpful “how-to” primer full of smart ideas, media strategies, and more to help you begin to establish local partnerships and explain the benefits of partnering with your arts group.

Creating pARTnerships with Small and Midsize Businesses
Learn how to tap into opportunities and develop lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships with small and midsize businesses.

Bringing the Arts into the Workplace
This toolkit will show you how organizations across the country are making the case for arts-based training and creating new and innovative programs to work with businesses.

Establishing a Business Volunteers for the Arts® Program
This toolkit focuses on how volunteer programs can make employees feel more engaged on the job, learn new skills or improve their existing skills, and increase interaction between junior and senior employees, and how we can bring this information into conversations with corporate partners about designing Business Volunteers for the Arts® programs.

Working with Volunteers
This tool-kit provides information about how to more effectively engage skills-based volunteers.

Employee Engagement and the Arts
This toolkit provides information on how and why the arts help engage employees.

Arts & Economic Prosperity: Using the Report's Data to Strengthen Your Case to Businesses
Want to know the best ways to disseminate AEP IV data to businesses in your community? This tool-kit has hard data on the best ways to reach them, along with information on how the arts sector has used the report.

Corporate Social Responsibility and the Arts: Partnering with Business to Enact Social Change
What is corporate social responsibility, and how can arts groups partner with businesses to acheive societal change, in addition to furthering the goals of a business and the mission of an organization?

Current Reports and Data Related to Business Support of the Arts
BCA National Survey of Business Support for the Arts
Are you looking to enhance your arts organization’s partnerships with businesses? The BCA National Survey of Business Support for the Arts tracks trends and levels of business contributions to the arts in the United States, providing arts organizations and businesses with the foundation of information they need to begin or enhance mutually beneficial partnerships.

Business Volunteers for the Arts® Programs 2012 Survey Results
Interested in how the Business Volunteers for the Arts program performs across the country? The annual Business Volunteers for the Arts Survey tracks statistics of program partners’ volunteer hours, number of organizations and businesses served, and the kinds of projects most requested.

Creative Industries
A comprehensive research tool, Creative Industries: Business & Employment in the Arts, analyzes national business and employment data for both the nonprofit and for-profit arts sectors. The reports offer a new, facts-based approach to understanding the scope and importance of the arts to the nation's economy, giving businesses valuable data to advocate advancing the arts.

Arts & Economic Prosperity IV
Arts advocates can use this report to demonstrate how the nonprofit arts and culture industry is an economic driver, strengthening our nation’s economy by supporting jobs, generating government revenue, and acting as a cornerstone of the tourism industry.

Reports Related to United Arts Funds
2012–2013 UAF Campaign Revenue Report
A Statistical Report on the Campaign Revenues of the Nation’s United Arts Funds during Fiscal Year 2012–2013.

UAF 2012-13 Statistical Research and Revenue Trends
A one-page executive summary of the 2012–2013 UAF Campaign Revenue Report.

United Arts Funds 2002–2013
Detailed UAF reports on this page are intended for use by participating UAF administrators only and are password protected. These reports delve into the campaign revenues of the Nation’s United Arts Funds from 2002 to the present, as well as trends in the field throughout the years.

Additional Resources
Arts-Based Learning: An Interview with Ted Buswick
Ted Buswick, one of the pioneers of arts-based leaning, speaks about its importance as businesses are increasingly focusing on creativity and innovation.

Ready to Innovate: Are Educators and Executives Aligned on the Creative Readiness of the U.S. Workforce?
Americans for the Arts and the Conference Board, in partnership with the American Association of School Administrators, surveyed public school superintendents and American business executives to identify and compare their views on creativity and innovation. While creativity is increasingly important in the workplace, there is a gap between that recognized importance and the hiring practices of companies.