Meet the Public Art Network Team

Susan Pontious

Director of Public Art, San Francisco Art Commission

San Francisco Art Commission
San Francisco, California

In her 21 year career at the San Francisco Art Commission, Susan Pontious has developed and implemented public art programs for a broad range of public facilities, including multi-million dollar public art projects for San Francisco International Airport, Laguna Honda Hospital, and the Acute Care Unit at General Hospital. In 2010, Susan became the Civic Art Collection and Public Art Program Director and oversees both the acquisition of new art through the public art program, as well as the ongoing stewardship of the City’s collection of nearly 4,000 objects, from jewelry to historic monuments. Additionally, she serves as a National Peer in the National Register of Peer Professionals for the U.S. General Services Administration Public Building Services. Previously, she sat on the advisory councils for the public art programs of a number of cities in the Bay Area and was a senior consultant for the Oakland Museum of California’s public art program at Oakland International Airport.