The State Arts Action Network was formed on March 29, 2004, when Americans for the Arts announced that two previously independent national arts organizations, the State Arts Advocacy League of America and the National Community Arts Network, had ratified an agreement to become part of Americans for the Arts.

Shortly thereafter, in our strategic plan, Americans for the Arts identified the need for a statewide advocacy organization and a statewide service organization in every state. This goal is something that Americans for the Arts and SAAN continually work toward, involving other strategic partners and alliances. In 2009, for example, the members of the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education joined the SAAN as affiliate members.

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Oct 07, 2015

New Jersey’s Senate State Government, Wagering, Tourism & Historic Preservation Committee approved a bill that would provide tax breaks for top-billed entertainers who perform at least four shows in Atlantic City's tourism district. S2721 would exempt out-of-state performers from state income taxes on earnings from performances in Atlantic City or any others in New Jersey during the same calendar year.

Oct 07, 2015

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner closed all state museums on September 30; he cited the closures as “part of his efforts to manage state finances” while a budget deal with Democratic Legislature is still being negotiated. Chairman of the State Museum Board Guerry Suggs decried the governor’s actions and said that the closure of the 138-year-old museum in Springfield and its four satellite facilities will only save the state less than $400,000 of the Illinois' projected $5 billion budget deficit. 

Oct 07, 2015

On November 3, voters in Cuyahoga County in Ohio will be presented with Issue 8—a ballot initiative which will seek to renew a penny-and-a-half sales tax on cigarette sales that directly benefits local arts organizations for an additional 10 years. If not renewed, the levy will expire on January 21, 2017. Originally approved by voters in 2006, the sales tax created the Cuyahoga Arts & Culture which has since distributed more than $125 million to 300 arts and culture organizations throughout Cuyahoga County.