Howard County (MD)

County Arts Leadership

In 2007, under new administration led by County Executive Ken Ulman, the Howard County Government approved an 8.2 percent increase for the arts for FY 2008—increasing local public funding to $440,100—an all-time high. This appropriation also raised Howard County's per capita support of the arts to $1.63. Both Ulman and the County Council have publicly recognized the value of the arts and their impact on building stronger communities and increasing the quality and enjoyment of life in Howard County.

Only one year into his first year as executive, Ulman piloted an inter-agency community art program that will not only revitalize a non-descript public building located on the U.S. Route 1 corridor, but transform it into a gathering place and source of pride for the community.

“We believe in the transforming power of the arts, particularly when it comes to art in public places. This increase in the arts budget not only continues the legacy of public support for the arts in Howard County, but is a signal that the arts will be a priority in the new administration,” said Ulman.

Since 2000, the Howard County Government has consistently ranked as one of the top three counties in the state for per capita operating funds designated for the arts and has provided a stable source of funding and significant in-kind services for local arts groups.