Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell (R-AK)

Lieutenant Governors Arts Leadership


Only seven months into his tenure in office, Lt. Governor Treadwell has already proven himself as the most active and involved lieutenant governor with regards to the arts and culture in Alaska. Already, he has called together the leaders of the primary cultural organizations to discuss ways that the organizations could work more collaboratively and, as a result, strengthen the state’s arts and culture footprint.

A broader group of Alaska’s arts and culture organizations will be convening in the fall to further explore potential collaborations. This meeting marks the first time any of Alaska’s lieutenant governors has assembled this extensive a group of arts and culture organizations in the state. In addition, Lt. Governor Treadwell has expressed an interest in establishing a statewide trust or endowment that could provide long-term, public-private sustainable funding for Alaska’s cultural institutions and agencies.

"I have known Mead for decades, and he has always been a thoughtful and devoted advocate for the very highest quality of life for all Alaskans,” said Benjamin Brown, chairman of the Alaska State Council on the Arts. “I am especially pleased that his commitment to ensuring that artistic and cultural opportunities are there for all Alaskans in every corner of the Last Frontier is being recognized. I look forward to continuing to work with Lieutenant Governor Treadwell to make our artistic horizons in Alaska as bright as possible."