Rep. Sheryl Allen (R-UT)

State Legislature Arts Leadership


Nominated by the Utah Arts Council, Representative Sheryl Allen (R-UT) received the 2006 State Arts Leadership Award for her arts advocacy throughout her state. As director of the Davis School District Foundation, Rep. Allen encourages all principals to apply for Utah Arts Council’s Arts Education funding each year. For the past five years, the Davis Foundation has provided matching funds for approximately 22 schools, obtaining funds for residency and project support totaling more than $422,000.

Rep. Allen has served as co-chair of the Human Resources and Economic Development Appropriations sub-committee and showed strong support of cultural issues that came before the committee. She is known for her vocal support of the arts and arts education, her active role in local arts events and her support of the arts professionally, as well as throughout her legislative endeavors.  She is also a co-chair of Davis Reads, a one-book/one-community program, and was the arts committee chair for the National Conference of State Legislatures.