ABC/NY offers programming in volunteer, leadership, and professional development, while promoting the arts' role in economic revitalization.

We engage, as volunteers, smart people who care about the arts. And we develop leaders in the business of the arts, among both those entering the arts field and those already making a difference.

Programs of ABC/NY

NY Business Volunteers for the Arts

Arts clients. Business consultants. ABC/NY matchmaker. For more than 30 years, ABC/NY has identified—and connected—rewarding projects at arts organizations with capable volunteers from the business sector to solve those challenges.

Businesses are using the arts to inspire employees, stimulate innovation, and foster creative collaboration. ABC/NY works with a wide variety of corporations and firms to offer a menu of opportunities for employee engagement with the arts. ABC/NY can provide both individual (skills-based) and team volunteer opportunities, as well as special projects such as arts volunteer fairs, workshops, and volunteer and board training. Want to volunteer? Need a volunteer? Get involved today!

Multicultural Arts Management Internship

The Multicultural Arts Management Internship program was created to promote diversity in the arts management field and to provide college students who have a career interest in either the arts or business with a hands-on introduction to working in the business fields of the nonprofit arts sector.

This program is distinct from ABC/NY's ongoing internship opportunities and is specifically geared toward students from multicultural backgrounds. Participating students come from around the country, and they bring a variety of personal and academic backgrounds. Arts organizations serving as intern hosts represent a range of disciplines, including music, dance, theater, visual arts, museums, and arts services. Business mentors hold numerous professional occupations but share a passion for the arts and desire to guide students in their pursuits.

Emerging Leaders of New York Arts

Emerging Leaders of New York Arts (ELNYA) is the New York branch of a national Emerging Leaders Network facilitated by Americans for the Arts. ELNYA provides young professionals in the first decade of their careers with opportunities to develop the contacts, skills, and knowledge they need to advance to senior leadership positions.

This peer-managed program offers social, professional development, and networking events such as panel discussions called Creative Conversations, networking happy hours, and a culture club for moderated group outings to cultural events.

Board of Directors

Chair - John Haworth
Director, George Gustav Heye Center (National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution)

Vice Chair - Robert L. Lynch
President & CEO (Americans for the Arts)

Vice Chair of Programs - Kevin Hogan
Director of Planning & Assessment (Asia Society)

Secretary - Steven D. Spiess

Treasurer - Alessandra DiGiusto
Chief Administrative Officer (Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation)


Advisory Council

Kevin Hogan (CHAIR)
Director of Planning and Assessment (Asia Society)

Alessandra DiGiusto
Chief Administrative Officer (Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation)

Leah Fischman
VP, Marketing & Communications (Time Warner)

Kathleen A. Pavlick
Arts Consultant

Teri Wade
Principal (Mission & Message Communications)

Janet Zagorin
Client Services Officer (Sidley Austin LLP)

Frederica Wald
Chief Marketing Officer (Pace University)

Melanie Childress Carucci
Head of Collaboration Services (Thomson Reuters)

The History of ABC/NY

The Arts & Business Council was created in 1965 by a group of business leaders from the New York Board of Trade, with the purpose of creating closer ties between business and the arts. Arts membership was started in 1970, and the organization was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 1973.

The Business Volunteers for the Arts program was launched in 1975 and, with assistance from the Rockefeller Foundation, replicated across the country.

Through the 1980s and 1990s, the Arts & Business Council expanded its affiliation with like organizations in other cities and started the National Arts Marketing Project.

In 2005, the Arts & Business Council merged with the national organization Americans for the Arts; national affiliates are now coordinated by the Private Sector Affairs department of Americans for the Arts.

Together, arts and business strengthen the leadership—staff and volunteer—of New York’s cultural treasures of every discipline and every size.

Together, arts and business excite and energize existing work forces and can guide young men and women to join in fulfilling careers.

Together, arts and business build capacity and effect New York’s economic growth.