Americans for the Arts works to strengthen partnerships between the arts and businesses and foundations. Our programs build stronger private sector support for the arts and provide businesses and arts organizations with the services and resources necessary to develop and advance partnerships with the arts.Through our research, including the BCA National Survey of Business Support, we know that the arts benefit business. Half of the business leaders in our survey indicated that benefits to employees and their families are very important in making funding decisions:

  1. The arts improve the quality of life in the community (54 percent)
  2. The arts help create a vibrant community and society (49 percent)
  3. The arts improve academic performance for students (47 percent)
  4. Arts organizations offer education initiatives that benefit the community (47 percent)

This most recent survey shows an increase in business support for the arts bringing us back to near 2006 levels. However, there is still more work to be done. In 2012, we launched the pARTnership Movement ( to provide businesses and arts organizations with the tools they need to create meaningful partnerships that support a healthy, creative, and artistic community, but that also give businesses a competitive advantage. The pARTnership Movement demonstrates how the arts can help businesses enhance the critical thinking and creative skills of their workforce and how arts organizations can develop new innovative business strategies. Together, they can advance the communities in which they live and work in new and resourceful ways.

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Our work is achieved through the leadership of the BCA Executive Board, a group of business CEOs who provide leadership on key initiatives including messaging, advocacy, and strategic alliances within the private-sector community.

Business partnerships with the arts strengthen the vitality of our communities all across the nation. A network of Arts & Business Council affiliates, Business Committee for the Arts affiliates, United Arts Fund affiliates, and Local Arts Agencies work together with Americans for the Arts to build private-sector support for the arts in their local communities.