Boston is a city with a rich history and proud tradition of revolutionary transformation that is now reinventing itself as a center for technology, education, and development. As art and culture in America comes to a similar crossroads, Boston—the foundation of democracy—provides the grounding to explore a future where all voices may be heard, and where we learn from our past to serve as leaders of the changes to come. Join us this June to reflect on where we’ve come from and map out where we’re going, as we march toward healthier, more vibrant, and more equitable communities created through the arts.

This year’s Annual Convention explores the role of the arts in creating and sustaining healthy, vibrant, equitable communities. It is organized around five core themes:

Driving Change: How can the arts fuel revolution?
Empowering People: What does it take to empower individuals?
Owning Equity: How do we learn and lead in the pursuit of equity?
Crossing Divides: Where and how can the arts permeate and impact other parts of civic life?
Building Skills: What are the primary skills needed to succeed in the arts today?

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2016 Annual Convention Livestream
Can't make it to Boston this year?
Boston, June 17-19, 2016

This year at our Annual Convention, we are live streamed all of our keynote presentations, multiple main convention sessions, as well as a select few preconference sessions.

You can watch any or all of these on our Americans for the Arts YouTube channel.