Come up with an idea for an Arts Event

Ideas for a Community Event

  • Host a Do-It-Yourself Community Visioning Forum, in the same style as the Community Visions Forums that Americans for the Arts is hosting throughout the country  
  • Host a Creative Conversation in your community
  • Ask local businesses, libraries, and schools to host special National Arts & Humanities Month events, like open mic nights, poetry readings, or talent shows.
  • Suggest an "Open House" at  local art venues such as museums and theatres with “behind-the-scenes” tours and interviews for families and students.
  • Organize a parade, art festival, “battle of the bands,” talent show, or art auction that showcases local talent. You can even raffle off local art, literature, or tickets at the big event!
  • Develop and present an award for an outstanding arts organization in your community.
  • Create a community photo album. Invite local residents to donate old photographs and take new ones throughout the month.

Ways Individuals Can Celebrate

  • Attend local arts events like museum exhibits, local plays, festivals, or outdoor concerts. If you have kids, make it a family outing!
  • Participate in #ShowYourArt, a social media campaign for everyone to showcase their art and the art they love during the month of October. Hashtag your photos and videos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter #ShowYourArt and #NAHM for a chance to get your work or event photos featured on Americans for the Arts website and social media platforms!
  • Take a class in creative writing, dance, painting, or whatever strikes your fancy
  • Perform publically and/or donate your artwork, literature, and/or teaching skills to a community center.
  • Use your blog or website to post National Arts & Humanities Month Web stickers or posts about your favorite art experiences.
  • Unveil a new project, product, or service during National Arts & Humanities Month.
  • Make a video about what the arts mean to you and post it on YouTube. Don't forget to send us the link!
  • Enjoy the arts with your family and friends. Sing, play music, read a book, dance or draw together.
  • Write to your Member of Congress, letting him/her how important arts and arts education funding is to you, your family and your community.

Promote Your National Arts and Humanities Month Event

After you’ve created your National Arts & Humanities Month event, the next step is to make sure your community participates. Here are some strategies to encourage friends, neighbors, colleagues, and members of your community to take part in the arts!

Register your Event or Activity

  • Add your National Arts & Humanities Month event to the Americans for the Arts ArtsMeet Calendar.

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise!

  • Get artists involved by asking them to reach out to their networks, via social media and in person, about your event. They can also design posters, bumper stickers, and buttons to remind your community about National Arts & Humanities Month. Put these up everywhere – your local coffee shop, libraries, hotels, etc.
  • Advertise on your community’s local website or put a calendar of events in your local newspaper or newsletter. Arrange for emails and fliers about National Arts & Humanities Month to be sent to your local community. Include information about local artists, and feel free to use the National Arts and Humanities Month logo.

Spread the Word on Social Media!

  • Use #ShowYourArt, #NAHM & @Americans4Arts on instagram to showcase your event and art. Have your artists do the same on their social media platforms.
  • Update your Facebook status with your event information, blog your arts experiences, and send reminder emails to friends and co-workers.
  • Make a promo video about what arts mean to you or your arts event, and ask others in your community to participate.  Post it on YouTube and instagram for other arts enthusiasts to see, and tag it #NAHM/ #SHOWYOURART! Make sure to send us the link!

Inform your Community

  • Place an op-ed piece, letter to the editor, or editorial to your local newspaper

Send a Press Release/Media Alert to your Local News Outlets

Lead the #ShowYourArt Instagram campaign in October Locally!

The purpose of the NAHM #ShowYourArt Instagram campaign is to encourage all Americans to start a lifelong habit of active art participation by showcasing the vibrant and varied art happening locally and across the country everyday. We want to ask artists, students, amateurs,  families, elected officials, business owners, and anyone else who loves the arts to #ShowYourArt and highlight local arts, culture, and creativity. This is an easy way to increase your Instagram followers, engage your community, and promote amazing local art.

How to Lead this campaign locally:

1.  Determine your core strategy.

  • Who is your target audience? (e.g. elected officials, local artists, audience members etc.)
  • What channels will you use to promote the campaign? (e.g. newsletter, facebook, event, calls etc.)
  • How will you encourage people to participate? (e.g. prizes, showcase, local celebrities/electeds submit/ judge content etc.)
  • What will you do with submissions? (e.g. post on your site or newsletter, showcase at an event etc.)

2.  Customize the campaign promo. Add your logo, Instagram handle, and organization's pictures to the partner version of the campaign promo. Download the partner campaign promo photoshop file.

3. Send us your Favorites. Tag your favorite entries with @Americans4Arts, #ShowYourArt, and your city and state!