Apr 10, 2014

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) invites you to join us online for a gala national event featuring Walter Isaacson, the biographer of Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein, speaking on The Intersection of the Humanities and the Sciences.

Apr 09, 2014

Good ideas can come from anywhere…if you ask us, convicts are pretty interesting people” comments Ben Pfutzenreuter, one of the founders of Concepting with Convicts, a project that partners with convicted felons to create powerful ads through the prison pen pal system. The partnership consists of the felon serving as art director or writer for an ad that is completed with help from the four directors of the project.

Apr 07, 2014

Since the onset of the euro crisis, Portugal’s government has shrunk in size and sold various assets amounting to about $11 billion. However, the plan to sell off a collection of works by Catalan artist Joan Miró faced much opposition and intense conversation. The debate about how much the state should be allowed to sell led to the question of whether a nation’s cultural heritage is out of bounds.

Apr 06, 2014

The new cultural affairs commissioner for New York City is Tom Finkelpearl, the president and executive director of the Queens Museum. Mayor Bill de Blasio appointed Mr. Finkelpearl, who will act as the representative for the arts in a city known to many as the cultural capital of the world.  Mr. Finkelpearl will be responsible for a $156 million budget.

Apr 03, 2014

With less than 30 days left to reach its $1.70 million Campaign for the Arts goal, United Arts of Central Florida announced that it has attained 77 percent or $1.31 million. This places them ahead of last year’s campaign by 9.7 percent.  Additionally, United Arts is expanding its United ArtsCard donor benefit, a buy-one-ticket-get-one-free and discount card, to include Broadway Across America.

Mar 26, 2014

A group of community leaders in Grand Forks, North Dakota are creating a public art program using the development of 42nd Street as a catalyst.

Mar 20, 2014

The Arts & Science Council (ASC) in Charlotte, NC has selected Robert E. Bush Jr. as their next president. Bush, a nationally known and highly regarded leader in the arts, joined ASC in 2000. Bush served on the founding governing and national policy boards of Americans for the Arts, which merged the former American Council for the Arts and the National Assembly of Local Arts Agencies in the 1990s.

Mar 19, 2014

The MA Cultural Council, in partnership with the National Guild for Community Arts Education and the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities is leading this national study and National Summit on Creative Youth Development.

Mar 18, 2014

On Friday, March 14, approximately 1,800 high school age students from across Tennessee were invited to hear a performance by this year’s Annual Convention keynote speaker, Ben Folds, who had premiered his new concerto with the Nashville Symphony orchestra at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center the night before.

Mar 06, 2014

In response to the Colorado shootings last December, Huffington Post blogger Kimann Schultz wrote about using art as a form of non-violent expression - a healthy way to express negative emotions like anger and frusteration. She urged that in the wake of such distasters, when mental healthcare is at the forefront of our minds, we keep the Arts as a relam to be tapped and a possible solution to an individual's issues.