Messages from the President and CEO

SAVE the NEA adRobert L. Lynch, president & CEO of Americans for the Arts, issues messages in support of the arts.

March 16, 2017—Americans for the Arts Statement on Proposed Elimination of Funding for the National Endowment for the Arts

Americans for the Arts released a statement on Trump’s proposed budget and its implication for the NEA.

Federal Funding of Arts Programs C-SPAN Interview

Robert  L. Lynch, President and CEO of Americans for the Arts talked about federal funding for the arts through the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities, which the Trump administration has pledged to cut on C-SPAN's Washington Journal television show.

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Letter on Federal Funding for the Arts in New Administration

Robert L. Lynch informs members and friends of the status of federal funding for the arts in the new Administration and U.S. Congress, and describes actions steps that they should take now and over the coming months.

Response to Wall Street Journal Commentary Calling for an End to the NEA

In a letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal, Americans for the Arts CEO Robert L. Lynch responded to an editorial calling for the elimination of the National Endowment of the Arts.

Issue Statements

Americans for the Arts is working on a series of policy response statements with critical information you can use on specific issues. The list below will continue to grow, please check back. Visit the Arts Policy Center for additional information on other policies Americans for the Arts tracks.

Statement on Arts and The Affordable Care Act

Americans for the Arts releases a statement about the importance of artists and creative workers being able to acquire and maintain affordable healthcare insurance at a time when Congress is working to “repeal and replace” portions of ACA.

Statement on Arts, Jobs, and the Economy

Americans for the Arts releases a statement on the important economic impact of the arts in both supporting American jobs and strengthening our economy.

Statement on Immigration and Refugee Ban

Americans for the Arts releases a statement in response to the executive order signed by President Trump that denies entrance into the U.S. by immigrant and non-immigrant visitors from seven Muslim-majority nations.

Statement on Arts Education in Public Schools Upon The Appointment of Betsy DeVos

Americans for the Arts stands in steadfast support of public schools in America and federal, state, and local policies that enable the pursuit of equity in access to arts education for American's students.

The Arts Put America To WorkFacts Related to Issues

Below are a collection of fact sheets with data related to statements issued by Americans for the Arts. You can find other Arts Facts resource in our National Arts Administration and Policy Publications Database. Search for titles beginning with "Arts Facts."

Ten Reasons to Support the Arts: fact sheet and infographic

Economic Impact of the Nonprofit Arts Industry

Facts About Federal Funding and the National Endowment for the Arts

Facts About Arts Education

Facts About Arts & Healthcare

Take Action

  • Make your voice heard. We are staying in contact with Congress and you should too. Join the Arts Action Fund to take political action. It’s FREE! We will send you alerts so you can respond to decision-makers fast. Please be sure to reach out to your friends and colleagues and ask them to join the Arts Action Fund for free today. We know that high volume responses matter. The more of us that respond when called to action the better.
  • Send a message to your Congressional delegation in support of the continued funding of the National Endowment for the Arts. The Action Center has a draft e-mail you can customize to send to your members of Congress--just enter your zip code to connect with your Representative and Senators.
  • Share the #SAVEtheNEA graphics through your social network channels.
  • Tell your local news that you support the arts. Use the Action Center's customizable "Letter to the Editor" to send to your message to your local media. Here is an example of an Op-Ed to a local media outlet.

  • Local and state arts agency leaders, create your own Statement on the Proposed Elimination of the NEA in the Federal Budget using this template. View the original statement that this is modeled on here.
  • Visit ArtsU for webinars and resources to help you Advocate for the Arts and Arts Education
  • Inform us of any specific actions impacting the arts in your community as a result of the President’s policies and executive orders.
  • Tell your story about the power of the arts! The former president of South Africa, F.W. DeKlerk, once told the U.S. Secretary of State that it was his cultural diplomacy visit to the U.S. that changed his ideas about a multiracial democracy. He subsequently released Nelson Mandela from prison and they began the country’s transformation.