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The arts are a proven strategy for building strong communities in America.

The transformative power of the arts has been felt in environments both large and small and appreciated by decision makers as a means to address social and economic challenges. Americans for the Arts is the only national organization promoting the power of all the arts to build better lives, better communities, and a better nation.

Since its inception over fifty five years ago, Americans for the Arts has been committed to educating and partnering with arts and community leaders to grow healthy and vibrant communities through the arts while we advance support for the arts and arts education. Working with public and private sector partners, Americans for the Arts has identified a number of opportunities for the arts to play or continue to play a vital role in issues that communities will address over the next few years, including diversity, education, infrastructure, healing and military, the economy, and more.

Under the three-year initiative Transforming America’s Communities Through the Arts, Americans for the Arts will work through some dozen upcoming action projects such as the New Community Visions Initiative, the State Policy Pilot Program, and the National Initiative for Arts & Health in the Military to help address these issues directly. 

It is our hope that over the coming years our work will result in increased visibility, dialogue, action, and advocacy leading to greater appreciation for the impact that the arts have on America.

Thanks for supporting the arts,


Robert Lynch

CEO & President, Americans for the Arts

Apr 26, 2017

As the Trump administration and Congress begin to work on tax reform, Americans for the Arts releases a statement about the importance of preserving tax deduction incentives for charitable giving to all nonprofit charities in the United States.

Apr 19, 2017

As founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative and an acclaimed public interest lawyer, Bryan Stevenson has dedicated his career to fighting poverty and challenging racial discrimination. In addition to his work in the courtroom, Stevenson is helping shepherd powerful works of public art like the Memorial to Peace and Justice, which will feature the names of more than 4,000 victims of lynching.

Apr 14, 2017

On World Art Day, April 15, Sprinkles Cupcake locations nationwide will sell World Art Cupcakes featuring edible artwork from Adrien Saporiti, Kim Schoenstadt, Maggie Michael, and Shinique Smith. Sprinkles will donate a portion of sales to Americans for the Arts, to continue its work to aid and advance other groups and individuals who create, promote, and support the arts.

2016 Convention State of Arts Speech (6.4 MB)

Americans for the Arts CEO, Robert L. Lynch, delivers his annual presentation on the State of the Arts at the 2016 Annual Convention in Boston on June 17, 2016.

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2015 Convention State of Arts Speech (28.4 MB)

Americans for the Arts CEO, Robert L. Lynch, delivers his annual presentation on the State of the Arts at the 2015 Annual Convention in Chicago on June 12, 2015.

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Transforming America's Communities (2.91 MB)

Americans for the Arts CEO Robert L. Lynch's presentation on the new Transform America's Communities through the Arts initiative.

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Meet President & CEO Robert L. Lynch

Robert L. Lynch is president and CEO of Americans for the Arts. With more than 40 years of experience in the arts industry, he is motivated by his personal mission to empower communities and leaders to advance the arts in society, and in the lives of citizens. In 1996, Lynch managed the successful merger of the National Assembly of Local Arts Agencies, where he had spent 12 years as executive director, with the American Council for the Arts to form Americans for the Arts. Under his 30 years of leadership, the services and membership of Americans for the Arts have grown to more than 50 times their original size.