We recently had the opportunity to speak with Julie Muraco, the new Chair of the Board of Directors at Americans for the Arts. Julie has been involved with the Americans for the Arts Board since 2005, coming to the Board when Americans for the Arts merged with the Arts and Business Council of New York. She assumed her role as Chair on January 1, 2018.

Dennis and Clare with Julie Muraco.

Julie has a background in finance, and founded her own markets and business consultancy, Praeditis Group LLC. As an entrepreneur and business leader, Julie brings her excitement for technological advancements, innovation in business models, and development through the creative economy to her position as Chair on the Board of Directors.

This interview follows our December interview with former Chair of the Board Abel Lopez. Julie discussed with us her enthusiasm for her new role, her vision for the future of Americans for the Arts, and the smooth transition and camaraderie between Abel and herself. You can listen to the full audio recording below, or read the transcript of our conversation here.

Julie will serve as Chair of the Board of Directors at Americans for the Arts for a two-year term. We are looking forward to speaking with additional Americans for the Arts Board Members about leadership throughout this coming year.