Meet the Directors Team

Nancy Stephens

Board Member

Actress and Activist
Los Angeles, CA

Nancy Stephens has lived in Los Angeles for 35 years with her filmmaker husband, Rick Rosenthal, and their three adult children. Nancy transitioned seamlessly from a long and successful acting career and member of the prestigious Actors Studio to being a full time advocate for both Environmental Sustainability and the Arts. She’s been on the Board of Directors of the Union of Concerned Scientists since 2001, where she is one of just four citizen activists among a host of esteemed scientists and Nobel Laureates. She also serves on the Board of Americans For The Arts, as well as the LA Arts for All Pooled Fund and The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy.

Nancy has been an Executive Producer on a number of Whitewater Film projects with her husband, including the Sundance and Indie Spirit award-winner MEAN CREEK and together they have supported many documentary projects such as the award-winning film THE SQUARE and the Academy Award nominated short OPEN HEART, full length documentary CARTEL LAND, THE MUSIC OF STRANGERS, 2017’s BENDING THE ARC about Dr. Paul Farmer and Partners In Health, and 2018 executive producer of WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR and DARK MONEY.

Nancy is a frequent and active advocate for strong scientifically based Environmental Policy as well as a passionate advocate in all areas for Federal and State funding for the Arts on every level, especially the crucial inclusion on arts in public school education.

For the last 25 years Nancy has been an active political fundraiser in Los Angeles for Progressive Democrats and consequently has many strong allies in the Senate and the House. Nancy is often the liaison between the Senators and their policy people and the Union of Concerned Scientists and Americans for the Arts.

She is currently on a mission to have every Senator become a member of the Senate Cultural Caucus and every Congressional person a member of the Congressional Arts Caucus.

On the international front, through her family foundation, Nancy supports and raises awareness for two brilliant young women Conservation Biologists who are working with the Maasai in Kenya and Tanzania, in a creative and innovative program called Lion Guardians.