Aesthetic Perspectives Framework – This research and toolkit, generated by the Animating Democracy program at Americans for the Arts, provides a framework for considering excellence, aesthetics, and quality more broadly and for recognizing the inequitable definitions and systems that have driven a lot of the field’s evaluation (and awarding of) quality.

Art and Equity Toolkit - The Arts & Equity Project is a research and educational initiative of Toronto Arts Foundation and the Neighbourhood Arts Network that sets out to learn from, document, and share the experiences of arts and community groups who are working to reduce barriers to community participation and collaboration.

Building Your Plan: A Cultural Equity and Inclusion Toolkit – This resource from the Los Angeles County Arts Commission provides step-by-step resources for building a cultural equity plan.

Confronting Prejudice: How to Protect Yourself and Help Others – The purpose of this resource is to educate readers on the prevalence of prejudice and implicit bias in society, including information about what marginalized groups are most likely to be harmed by prejudice. 

Equity Training Consultants – This ongoing list of equity consultants in the field was compiled through self-submissions, but provides a wide variety of individuals and organizations working in the equity and diversity spaces.

Harvard Implicit Association Test – This set of tests helps individuals see where they carry implicit biases.

Identity and Social Location Wheel – Also called the Privilege Wheel, this is an exercise, adapted from the work of ArtEquity, that allows individuals to locate themselves in various existing systems of power and privilege.

Re-tool: Racial Equity in the Panel Process – This resource, created by a consortium of funders and national arts service organizations, lays out mechanisms to center equity in grantmaking panel processes.

Guidelines for Accessible Powerpoints – A resource used for our national events adapted from resources provided by Microsoft on how to use their PowerPoint tool to make presentations that are more accessible to all.

Guidelines for Attendees and Participants – Americans for the Arts’ guidelines for session attendees to ensure as accessible and engaged a space as possible.

Group Agreements and Proposed Guidelines for Conversations About Equity – A compilation of various group agreements and guidelines for meetings and conversations, such as those related to equity, that can require a level of openness and honesty that can be challenging to achieve.

Resources and Suggested Practices for Addressing Microaggressions - A compilation of resources for people who initiate, receive, or observe a microaggression.



Statement on Cultural Equity - An editable version of the Americans for the Arts Statement on Cultural Equity, which you may adopt or adapt.

Baselined Demographic Questionnaire - An editable version of the Baseline Demographic Questionnaire fielded every 2 years by Americans for the Arts, which you may adopt or adapt.

Americans for the Arts Cultural Assessment - An editable version of the Americans for the Arts Cultural Assessment, a survey conducted internally by Americans for the Arts to assess workplace culture, which you may adopt or adapt.