Americans for the Arts is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion and to providing access to the largest audience possible regardless of technology and ability. We are continually aiming to improve our online assets to comply with the accessibility guidelines set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act. We are approaching this work with clear and best intentions as well as with an understanding of the limitations of staff capacity and resources.


  • Creation of alternate text details for all graphics
    • Images prior to February 2018 may lack this feature
  • Updating of stylesheets’ outlining of header tags and comprehensive understanding of how they are used across our websites
  • Content is accessibility when images are turned off
  • Hyperlinks with title attributes that accurately describe the content of that link
  • URL links that are permanent whenever it is possible to do so
  • Links that open within new browser windows as it makes sense
  • Keyboard shortcuts that are easy to use across our website(s)
  • Provide on/off functionality to correct any contrast issues between content and background colors/images

Digital Publications

  • Field request for accessibility alternatives on non-accessible documents created prior to February 2018 including but not limited to Braille, and large print.
  • Ensure that tools and resources are created with accessibility guidelines in mind and use software that will guarantee optimal access for all audiences
    • Utilize the latest versions of Microsoft and Adobe products for document creation


  • Closed captioning that is built into the video production schedule for all videos (as of February 2018)
    • Closed Captioning on YouTube videos using their internal captioning process
    • Outside of YouTube, burned captioning into videos, especially those shared on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Closed captioning of back dated videos, as needed
  • Dubbing of videos that are composed primarily of text, when possible and within context
  • Fulfill requests related to videos that pre-date the publishing of this statement to accommodate users with disabilities

Staff Training

Americans for the Arts is also committed to empowering and educating existing and onboarding staff on how they can best craft their content to reach all audiences. Accessibility will be an integral part of staff web training sessions. Staff will receive documentation with best practices and guidelines as they continue to do their work.

Web Accessibility References

If you experience any challenges that limit access to our web/video content, we are committed to ensuring that you get access to that content. If you have questions or concerns around the Americans for the Arts website’s accessibility, please feel free to contact us directly at [email protected].