E-Book Series

Once you understand the arts education ecosystem, you can begin to craft your message. For more information, on this process, you can read our e-book series. Or watch this webinar.


Getting Started
Learn about the field of arts education by understanding the who, what, where, when, why, and how of arts education.

Facts and Figures
Facts & Figures draws on classic arts education research such as Champions of Change, as well as new reports like Arts Education in America: What the Declines Mean for Arts Participation. Presented in a comprehensive format, this e-book highlights key data points every arts education advocate needs!
Making the Case
Learn how to effectively craft your message in your advocacy work to key decision makers. Putting together the key elements of Getting Started and Facts & Figures, Making the Case will leave you with an easy-to-implement plan.
Mobilizing Support
Take your arts education advocacy skills to the next level, by learning how to organize others to increase impact.  Mobilizing Support focuses on the ins and outs of campaign crafting and organizing for change.

Video Series

When creating messaging, advocates can either make direct asks – which are explored in the next step – or can make a ‘soft’ ask.

Encourage Creativity: Teach the Arts is an ask that resonates with a number of audiences and allows the audience to envision how they may encourage creativity or teach the arts.  Check out this toolkit or watch this webinar to learn how to best use these resources.

As an advocate, these videos can be used to convey the message. Additionally, these handouts can be used to specifically address your audience.