Arts Marketing Trends A-Z: 2019 Edition

As we close the book on 2018 and open a new edition for 2019, the world of arts marketing and marketing in general continues its furious pace. What trends we should be keeping an eye on for the coming year?

The Room Where It Happens

The individuals who are in the room when decisions are made can make all the difference to the following weeks and months of labor to build brand, engage the community, and develop future audiences.  Here are a few helpful hints for you to make the case why marketing should be “in the room” to influence positive outcomes.

Six Secrets on How to Become Pennsylvania’s Next Hot Arts Marketer

This first-of-its-kind skill-building initiative combines best practices with new trends to give you and your organization the confidence to compete within the state's diverse and exciting arts space.

#Whippersnappers – 5 Tips for Marketing the Arts to Multigenerational Audiences

Sean King Sean King

Would you send a Vine to your grandmother?

Would you tell your teenager to check out an ad in the newspaper?

OMG, did you really just send that on Snapchat? And what the heck is Snapchat anyway?

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