Understanding, Connecting, and Seeking the Common Good

Talking with voters, framing issues, raising money. What’s happening to me and how can it feel so natural? For the past 20+ years I’ve been an arts administrator. For the past three, I’ve led our state’s arts advocacy organization, Oklahomans for the Arts. Now, I am running for State Senate in Oklahoma’s District 30. We focus so much attention on elected officials in arts advocacy. Now I’m striving to become one and it feels like just the right conclusion. I felt pushed off the sidelines into running for office from my experiences advocating for arts and education. We’ve led the nation in state cuts to education, and arts funding has been cut almost 50% in the past eight years. Marking this more-than-year-long marathon transition, here are some ways I’m finding that advocacy compares to and differs from running for office.

Knit Together: Advocacy Strengthening the Landscape

Yarn tied then tightened, then the next loop begun.  

Even blue knots pulled closely together, forming rows. Then the rows link together into small squares.

Squares bound together into larger bands and those bound to others.

Backing up, the view is all encompassing, splaying out a pixelated landscape of blues and greens across a downtown city skyline.

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