Monday, December 11, 2017

Amidst the bustling of New York City—the incessant honks of cars and skyscrapers of the Big Apple—New Yorkers like to stop time, unwind, and socialize. The Bryant Park Corporation (BPC) oversees Bryant Park and its surrounding streets. BPC is a Business Improvement District (BID) which, as a BID, “maintains, improves and promotes their commercial district” by elevating the experience of visiting Bryant Park with a never-ending list of cultural and artistic activities that resound with their mission to “create a rich and dynamic visual, cultural and intellectual outdoor experience for New Yorkers and visitors alike.”

The Park creates a safe space for artists to engage in with the community through crafting activities, dance, music, performances, and spoken word. As a private institution, the Park balances their activities through partnerships with companies, and hosts events including film and photography shoots and concerts. However, their success in providing such exciting amenities lies in working with leading brands and corporations such as Google, Southwest Airlines, Bank of America, and The New York Times, among others.

Each season, BPC, in partnership with leading corporations, provides a new activity to engage its six million yearly visitors. The Emerging Music Festival happens in collaboration with the Hester Street Fair, an outdoor two-day festival that allows attendees between sets to play giant lawn games, learn to juggle, and purchase food and beverages from local vendors. Dance parties, hosted by Talia Castro-Pozo, welcome people to sweat it out with each other while dancing salsa, tango, and swing. The Park also hosts a Painter in Residence program, selecting four visual artists to spend two weeks creating representational imagery of Bryant Park while onlookers enjoy the process. The paintings become a visual record of Bryant Park from a painter’s perspective.

Artists are honored to work with institutions that give them a safe space to showcase their work and get recognized. Furthermore, the arts offer the perfect opportunity for companies to brand themselves and reach a wider audience. People often associate positive attitudes with a company that engages with the community through arts and cultural activities. To walk through Bryant Park is to be drawn to its beauty and the effort to make it a green place in the City. However, it is the joyous sounds of people having fun as they engage in arts and crafts, musical chairs, opera recitals, or ice skating, that makes it a thriving New York City destination.