art@work is a tool for developing a more creative, engaged and skilled workforce through customized arts-based solutions.

The program deploys multi-disciplinary, interactive workshops into business environments to catalyze company objectives and enhance employee skills and community impact.

Our Work

The Arts & Business Council of New York helps clients address business and mission-driven goals through activities that promote a more innovative and engaged workforce. View our Employee Engagement Deck (2MB, pdf).

How We Work

  1. Understand employee skills gaps and company initiatives to find best arts engagement fit.
  2. Match you with vetted artist to facilitate your engagement/activation
  3. Oversee the customized arts workshop* (so it’s not on your plate)
  4. Report metrics to understand impact and company value.

*A typical workshop can accommodate up to 30 employees for three hours and can be facilitated onsite or in the community. Arts-based workshops start at $3,000.


  • 89% of executives agree that creativity is a top skill
    Quantum Workplace’s 2015 Employee Engagement Trends Report
  • 87% of organizations think culture and engagement are their top challenges
    Deloitte’s 2015 Human Capital Trends Report
  • 59% of companies said the arts increased employee creativity and growth
    2013 BCA Survey of Business Support for the Arts
  • *Hover over stat for source

About Us

With over 53 years in existence and as a division of Americans for the Arts, the Arts & Business Council of New York (ABC/NY) has refined the art of creative partnerships between the arts and business communities in New York that both enhance the business skills of the arts sector and promote creative engagement within the business sector.

Its art@work program elevates and expands the use of innovative workshops that leverage the arts as a tool for business development, creates a new channel of income for the local arts field, and facilitates dynamic connections and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Amy and Emma embody what it means to be arts + business – as artists they have shown publicly and are held in private collections and have a combined 20 years in corporate, government, and nonprofit careers.

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