The Arts Education Field Guide

The Arts Education Field Guide describes the ecosystem of partners, players, and policymakers in the field of arts education. This is a great introduction into the complex network of decision-makers in arts education, with an analysis of the connections and partnerships that could strengthen arts education in your community.

Arts Education Navigator

The Arts Education Navigator as a series of e-books designed to help educators, students, and advocates alike navigate the complex field of arts education. This e-book series covers multiple topics, such as the benefits of arts education, what quality arts education looks like, tips for evaluating arts education, and how to effectively make the case that the arts should be an integral part of a well-rounded education.

YouthARTS Toolkit

Our archival YouthARTS Toolkit remains a seminal publication on how to start and manage a youth development program in arts education. It discusses the unique considerations of working with underserved communities and covers programmatic basics such as fundraising, budgeting, program design & evaluation, and partnerships.


Americans for the Arts' ARTSblog is the place to read about and add your voice to the hottest topics in our field. This widely read blog has contributors from across the country, and arts education continues to be the number one topic of interest.

ARTS EDxchange

Americans for the Arts is home to the International Arts Education Research and Resource Exchange – or ARTS EDxchange – a digital platform fostering engagement and collaboration between arts educators and practitioners from around the world. Open to Americans for the Arts members and non-members alike, ARTS EDxchange is the first international arts education listserv, allowing subscribers the opportunity to share their work with a global audience and access resources on the cutting edge of arts and cultural education.

Grants & Funding

There are numerous opportunities for grants and funding available for arts education programs across the country. At Americans for the Arts, we work with partners to model equitable giving through partnerships with the corporate and philanthropic sectors. For many years, we have worked with Vans on their Custom Culture program, which provides funding to arts education programs through a contest and grant programs.

A Shared Endeavor: Arts Education for America’s Students
The inequity of access to quality arts education must be addressed.
A Shared Endeavor

Americans for the Arts recently joined 12 arts and education advocacy groups to release A Shared Endeavor: Arts Education for America’s Students.

This statement articulates the purpose and value of arts education in the balanced curriculum of all students, asserts its place as a core academic subject area, and details how sequential arts learning can be supported by rigorous national standards and assessments.

The model is predicated on the convergence the skills and expertise of several members of the arts education ecosystem: arts educators, community arts organizations and non-arts educators.