What sort of safety precautions should be considered when placing an artwork near major roads or traffic patterns?

Placing an artwork on a major thoroughfare can make it visually accessible to a great many people, but artists and planners must also ensure that it does not pose a dangerous distraction to drivers or other forms of traffic.  It is always advisable to review installation plans with public safety officials if you anticipate a site or artwork causing a distraction.  This should be done early in the commissioning process at a time when changes to the commission or installation can still be made.  Additionally, common sense precautions should be taken to ensure that the artwork does not pose any unnecessary risk to commuters or pedestrians, for example, properly lighting the artwork, avoiding highly reflective surfaces or any technological component that might present a distraction (flashing lights, for instance), and making sure the artwork cannot be easily mistaken for a road sign, pedestrian, or anything else that might cause distraction.

Additionally, public art programs installing work near major thoroughfares must take added precautions during the installation to ensure safety for all involved.