£1,000,000 | 1,000 opinions (where would you allocate £1,000,000 of public spending?)


Title: £1,000,000 | 1,000 opinions (where would you allocate £1,000,000 of public spending?)
Photo Credit: Julia Vogl
Lead Artist(s):

<p>&pound;1,000,000 | 1,000 opinions (where would you allocate &pound;1,000,000 of public spending?) This hyperbolic bar chart and colour field painting reflect the public&#39;s opinion of where they would allocate a spare million of public spending. The work was conceived at a time when Londoners were in a tidal wave of transition. The massive budget cuts seemed threatening and scary to many people. A conversation about the collective future was being held by politicians and those in the media, a crucial problem was that there was no forum for people&#39;s discussion to impact the decisions that were being made. Julia Vogl&#39;s goal with this project was to give an ordinary citizen the power of government and decide how money should be spent. In illustrating a variety of public opinions she spurred a deeper conversation about how our values and our commitments as a community align. Vogl surveyed 1000 people throughout London, (Stanmore, Neasden, Kilburn, St. Johns Wood, Bond Street, Westminster, Waterloo, London Bridge, Canary Wharf, and Stratford) a 100 people in 10 different socio-economic communities, asking them to select one area from the London Greater Authority Budget list. The options were: ARTS &amp; CULTURE (hot pink) BUSINESS &amp; ECONOMY (gray) HEALTH (sea foam green) HOUSING ( sky blue) EDUCATION ( royal blue) ENVIRONMENT ( turquoise) SAFETY &amp; POLICING ( yellow) SPORTS &amp; OLYMPICS ( orange) TRANSPORTATION ( red). She gave each person she spoke with a corresponding colored badge, in the hope it would result in a anecdote or further conversation with others. Vogl then created a steel mechanism so the banners functioned as massive roller blinds. Each day of the show the banners were lowered and raised to reflect a different communities results. More at www.1000opinions.co.uk PRESS: http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/2011/jun/24/summer-student-shows-tomorrow-imagination-triumphs</p>

University College of London, portico on Gower Street
University College of London
Gower St.
London, WC1E 6BT
United Kingdom

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Julia Vogl in association with University College of London Public Engagement Unit

under $50K
Banner, Installation
Metal, Panels
Installation, banners