Analog Scroll


Title: "...three minutes..." detail from Analog Scroll
Photo Credit: Dan Spiecher
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In 2013, the Westmoreland Museum of American Art (WMAA) in Greensburg, Pennsylvania began a major expansion and renovation of the 58 year old museum. The museum, which is located on top of a hill, connects to downtown Greensburg via the Main Street Bridge. The redesign prompted WMAA to reconsider how the museum as an institution, and its physical location, interacts with and connects to downtown Greensburg. Main Street Bridge is a concrete vehicular and pedestrian bridge that spans railroad tracks. The bridge’s lack of aesthetic appeal, yet importance in linking the museum to the rest of the city, made it a prime location for public artwork. The goals for the piece were to enhance the physical appearance of the bridge, and encourage communal interactivity. Analog Scroll, the resultant work by Janet Zweig, reimagines the possibilities for how Greensburg residents view the bridge and collaborate with the museum. The piece lines both sides of the bridge with an aluminum track. On each track, three dimensional letters spell out lines of original, site-specific text. The text will be written by commissioned writers from southwestern Pennsylvania over a ten year period. The first writer for the artwork is poet Jan Beatty. Every two weeks, WMAA staff manually scroll the letters along the track so that a new portion of Beatty’s text is revealed. Analog Scroll invites viewers to return to the bridge as lines of text emerge, change position, and eventually disappear. Moreover, the artwork stresses Greensburg’s revitalization from industrial hub, to a community dedicated to arts and culture. Funding was provided in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, The Heinz Endowments, Westmoreland County Tourism Grant Program, Community Foundation of Westmoreland County/Revitalizing Westmoreland, Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area, Carol R. Brown, The Tomahawk Hill Foundation and an Indiegogo campaign.

Public Space
Analog Scroll was constructed on the Main Street Bridge in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Ms. Zweig’s artwork utilizes both the east and west sides of the Main Street Bridge, which connects the Westmoreland Museum of American Art to downtown Greensburg.
Main Street Bridge
Main Street
Greensburg, PA 15601
United States

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Westmoreland Museum of American Art
Office of Public Art
Sign Effectz

Metalwork, Sculpture
Powder coated and anodized aluminum, commissioned text by regional literary artists. First text by poet Jan Beatty.