Title: Arbor Glass, LED Blacklight, Printing Acrylic Layers (8 units)
Photo Credit: Adam Frank
Lead Artist(s):

<p>ARBOR is a permanent art installation inside Eskenazi Health, the new general hospital in Indianapolis, IN. This eight part work uses a new technique to display optically accurate shadows of native trees in the elevator lobbies of the new hospital. The tree shadows imply the presence of real trees just beyond the glass surface of floor-to-ceiling light boxes. ARBOR uses a new patent pending technique that provides true, optical depth of field to the shadow forms. Highly detailed 3D models are sliced vertically. Each segment is rendered onto a transparent surface and arranged at different depths. The light passes through the layers and onto the surface of the etched glass. This creates blur in the distant areas while holding high detail in the leaves closest to the glass surface. This unique layering technique developed for ARBOR allows incredibly high detail in the leaves closest to the glass. Each vein of these leaves is visible. It also provides true, depth of field. Optical and rendered dappled light effects can be seen through the tree branches. The resulting image is both 3D and 2D, detailed and ephemeral simultaneously. ARBOR provides the hospital with an iconic, quiet work that symbolizes health and life. This work brings familiar, organic, natural lighting effects into what is normally a cold and sterile environment. Each floor&rsquo;s tree is unique and acts as a floor identifier and integrated way-finding symbol. ARBOR required close collaboration with the architects (HOK) and engineers to produce a hospital-safe artwork that also functions as an innovative ambient light source. Throughout time and across cultures, light has been used to create spaces of contemplation, reflection and healing. ARBOR brings natural lighting effects into the modern built environment in an entirely new way. The project is specifically meant to enhance how hospital patients, families and staff feel about the space they occupy.</p>

general hospital also known as Eskenazi Health, art found in elevator lobbies
Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital
720 Eskenazi Health
Indianapolis, IN 46202
United States

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Eskenazi Health, Blackburn Architects and HOK
Blackburn Architects

Digital, Installation
Glass, LED