Charting Pogue's Run


Title: Charting Pogue's Run
Photo Credit: Mike Rippy and Sean Derry
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Charting Pogues Run investigates the changes occurring in Indianapolis through the perspective of Pogues Run, a shallow stream that was rerouted below the city in 1920. Beginning on E. New York St., along the boundary of the Cottage Home neighborhood, a blue line and small iron markers map the stream’s 1831 path through the city. This addition to the city-scape traces the streams meandering path across 4.5 miles of downtown Indianapolis. As a way of addressing the section of Pogues Run that remains above ground a stream clean-up was organized by the artist with the assistance of Indy Parks Greenways, the Department of Public Works, and NESCO. In late spring volunteers gathered along the banks of Pogues Run to assist in the removal of trash from the stream. By addressing the water prior to its entry into the aqueduct these individuals significantly improved the health of the stream and encouraged a greater collective familiarity with the stream. By organizing a clean-up along the remaining above ground portion of the stream and mapping what is no longer visible, the project seeks to broaden an awareness of Pogues Run. The meandering blue line that can be seen crossing roads, sidewalks, and parking lots throughout downtown not only maps the streams 1831 path, but restores Pogues Run as a feature in the landscape of downtown. Charting Pogues Run embraces the inevitable change that occurs in any landscape resulting in a project that is not only about change, but that itself changes. The clean-up along the banks of Pogues Run was a single day event that contributed to the ongoing efforts to improve the conditions of the waterway. The blue line mapping the streams prior path through the city will last for years and the cast iron markers will remain for decades. As the line through the city begins to disappear as the result of land development as well as vehicular and pedestrian traffic the absence of the line becomes a record of this action. These changes to the appearance of the project share a relationship with the natural changes that occur in the location of a tributary over a much longer duration of time. By mapping the prior path of Pogues Run through this ever changing portion of the city the project highlights this change and provides viewers with a public art work that assists in their recognition of the transformations that have occurred and continue to occur in the process of building Indianapolis.

Center Township
Indianapolis, IN
United States

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Arts Council of Indianapolis

Site integrated landscape architectural work
90 mil Thermoplastic, Cast Iron, Trash Bags