CREATE: The Community Meal


Title: CREATE: The Community Meal
Photo Credit: Andy King
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CREATE: The Community Meal, from Public Art Saint Paul by Seitu Jones, aimed to lower barriers to making healthy food choices. On September 14, 2014, 2,000 people gathered at 1/2 mile long table in the middle of Saint Paul's Victoria Street for a civic dinner table conversation about Food Access, Food Justice, and Healthy Eating. This socially engaged public artwork was led by artist and Frogtown resident Seitu Jones, in collaboration with a cohort of artists that included paper maker Mary Hark, Ananya Dance Theatre, visual artists Cliff Garten, Emily Stover and Asa Hoyt, poets G. E. Patterson and Soyini Guyton, and spoken word artists led by Tou Seiko Lee and Deeq Abdi. As Seitu noted, all 2000 diners were artistic collaborators as they engaged in an artistic ritual of a meal, spoke words of grace and closing, and shared food stories of the world cultures that comprise our community.


The Community Meal table extended for 1/2 mile along Victoria Street, from University Avenue West to Minnehaha Avenue West. Overall, one square mile of city streets were closed for the meal, providing space for the rituals of entry, greeting, food service, and departure.
Victoria Street, St. Paul MN
St. Paul, MN 55104
United States

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Public Art Saint Paul
Public Art Saint Paul
Ananya Dance Theatre, Minnesota Food Association, Elite Catering, Spoken Remedy
Ananya Chatterjea, Katie Kubovick, Laura Hedeen, Mary Hark, James Baker, Executive Chef, TouSaiko Lee, Deeq Abdi, Laurine Chang, Nimo Farah, Rodrigo Sanchez-Chavarria, Adurazak Omar, Sakariya Ali, Brandon Wilson, Peevxwm Victor Yaj, and Deja Stowers, Emily Stover, Asa Hoyt

Banner, Environmental Art, Performance, Signage
Landscape/Envirnomental Art, Paper, Plant material
The Community Meal table extended for 1/2 mile along Victoria, from University Avenue and Minnehaha Avenue. Overall, one square mile of city streets were closed for the meal. There were 2,000 seats at the 1/2 mile long table.

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