Eastpoint Public Art Residency


Title: Students from Society of Lightcatchers on a photo walk documenting their neighborhood
Photo Credit: student
Lead Artist(s):

Contributing Artist(s):
Francisco Tavira

Francisco Cortes

Junye Butler

Olivia Hinojosa

Jennifer Edmonds-Jones

Matthew Rushing

Scotch Willington

Curtis Braziel

Gabriela Santiago

Eastside Public Art Residencies is a multiyear program supporting artists in creating community-driven artworks in the Eastside Promise Zone prompting dialogue and creative thinking. Our inaugural residency in 2016 resulted in three gateway murals for the eastside. In 2017 we hosted two residencies. The first was with artist and educator Mary Cantu. Cantu created a program that invited teaching artists into three San Antonio Independent School District campuses that had suffered cuts to arts education programs. The diverse group of artists and educators developed projects that engaged elementary, middle and high school students in multidisciplinary creative initiatives. Through architecture, modern dance, painting, photography and multimedia arts, artists and educators lead students in the creation of art and discussions of the history, culture and future visions for their neighborhood. From restoring murals, creating installations that interpret local history and performance pieces, to repurposing a shipping container into ART//CRAFT, a mobile cultural space to be used by eastside artists and organizations - students worked alongside artists at Washington Elementary, Wheatley Middle School and Sam Houston High School to create public artworks for their campus and community. Through our public art residency reached over 400 students and their families. We introduced students to artists including performers from Alvin Ailey Dance Company, facilitated opportunities for students to show their work at a gallery, festival and other venues around the city, and infused campuses with creativity through installations like a 50 year time capsule, a permanent gallery to support rotating works, and our mobile gallery space. All of the residency activities also prompted dialogue about the people and places of the Eastside. The second resident was Sam Lerma who documented the process in a short film that debuted at Luminaria Contemporary Art Festival. We invite you to view his film here: https://vimeo.com/243029934. password: EASTPOINT ART

During President Obama’s 2014 State of the Union address, San Antonio’s Eastside Promise Zone (EPZ) and Choice neighborhoods were announced as one of the first five Promise Zone areas in the nation. The Promise Zone Initiative is part of President Obama’s plan to comprehensively revitalize distressed communities by partnering with local communities and businesses to create jobs, increase economic security, reduce poverty, expand educational opportunities, increase access to quality, affordable housing and improve public safety. The program will provide resources for local artists to realize public art projects in the EPZ and will facilitate connections to establish long-lasting relationships between artists and EastPoint’s many community partners. Through PASA initiated focus groups with the schools and a partnership with the school district's supporting foundation we identified schools where there were nonexistent art programs, or schools where programs had been cut. We focused on those campuses and invited our resident to build a program to address their individual need. Artist in residence worked with students, administrators, and educators at three campuses: - Sam Houston High School o Jennifer Edmonds-Jones, visiting teaching choreographer and modern dancer. Worked with dance team to develop original modern dance choreography. Students also receive Alvin Ailey Master Class and attended Alvin Ailey performance. o Francisco Tavira, visiting teaching architect. Worked with building technology students to repurpose a shipping container into a mobile cultural space to be used by eastside artists and organizations. Students contributed to design and fabrication, were visited by architects and cultural-workers, and will help to manage operations moving forward. Rental proceeds will go to SAISD Foundation to support arts education. - Wheatley Middle School o Olivia Hinojosa, visit teaching multimedia artist worked with students to document and reflect on the school’s historic and neighborhood contexts. Facing the school closing at the end of the 2016-2017 school year, students worked with Olivia and visiting artists to develop a time capsule. They gathered oral histories, and historic materials, as well as drawing and photos of the neighborhood and created a display for the time capsule. They hosted a public time capsule ceremony attended by alumni and community members. o Curtis Braziel, neighborhood artist and Wheatley alumnus is repairing interior murals at the campus. - Washington Elementary School o Juney Butler, visiting teaching artist provided arts classes for students and families including painting with a twist classes for families and oversaw the installation of several frames and a large painting completed by the students in the halls of the campus. The campus previously had no artwork on display. o Francisco Cortez, teaching photographer led the Light Catchers Society, a 5th grade photo-club that explored their neighborhood and discussed perception of place, identity and community. Their work was shown in a gallery show and photo zine created by the students.
Public Art San Antonio
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Public Art San Antonio, City of San Antonio Department of Arts and Culture
Public Art San Antonio

Drawing, Festival, Historic Interpretation, Installation, Mixed Media, Mural, Painting, Performance, Photography, Video
Mural, Photography, Projections, Video
various materials used throughout.