Fault Whisper


Title: Fault Whisper
Photo Credit: Cindy Guido
Lead Artist(s):


The site-responsive installation is marked by two large-scale, stainless steel spheres positioned on opposite sides of the fault rupture of the Rose Canyon Fault that runs diagonally across the park. The west sphere is equipped with a viewfinder, through which visitors can see the east sphere being exactly at the center of view at the time of installation. Any future fault movement will create an offset along the sightline, and will be noticeable to the viewer. An accelerator installed below the spheres deep into the fault rupture monitors the Earth’s movements in real time. Its movement and data stream is processed into musical notes that are gently broadcast from the west sphere. Visitors can scan the QR code near the artwork and share it with friends to eavesdrop on the Earth, at the rupture, thereby creating a remote intimacy that connects the local fault line with the global tectonic reality. Fault Line Park, which provides 1.3 acres of open park space, was made possible by a partnership between Civic San Diego and the developers of Pinnacle on the Park, a 46 story twin tower apartment building. Apart from the apartment towers, this newly developed site fills the entire city block south of Island Ave bounded by 14th and 15th Street, provides an assortment of features for residents to enjoy including a large grass lawn, children’s playground, public restrooms, drinking fountains, a succulent garden, shade trees, and bench seating. Additionally, on the site’s northwest corner sits Halcyon and Stella Public House, a coffee shop and pizzeria respectively, with outdoor lounge seating overlooking the park.


Fault Line Park, found in the city block south of Island Ave bounded by 14th and 15th Street
Fault Line Park
1433 Island Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101
United States

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City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture
former Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Diego
Civic San Diego
Pinnacle International Development
City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture

Installation, Sculpture, Site integrated landscape architectural work, Sound
Electronics, Sound