Night Watch


Title: Shimon Attie, Night Watch, 2018
Photo Credit: More Art
Lead Artist(s):
Shimon Attie


More Art commissioned artist Shimon Attie to create Night Watch, a new media experience that blends politically­-engaged art with new technologies to address the urgent social issues facing asylees in the US and abroad. In collaboration with Safe Passage Project, Immigration Equality, Queer Detainee Empowerment Project, and RIF Asylum Support, More Art organized workshops with immigrant and refugee communities to explore their stories of history, memory, loss, and uncertain futures. The final silent film installation featured 12 asylees, who fled violence and discrimination in their homelands and were granted political asylum in the US.

Displayed on a 20' LED screen mounted aboard a large utility vessel, the high definition minimalist film is comprised of a series of moving portraits of individuals from a wide array of backgrounds and ages, who come gradually into focus from the distance and gaze at the viewer poignantly, quietly, and powerfully. The individuals represented are primarily LGBTQ+ and youth, the most vulnerable segments of an already vulnerable population.

The installation floated along New York City’s waterways during the UN Annual General Assembly from September 20­ to 29, 2018. The project was prominently featured in the New York Times, among other media. More Art intended to benefit NYC immigrant and refugee communities by using a public art platform to communicate their thoughts and experiences and to engage their participation in shaping the city’s public life and future. Thousands of resident New Yorkers and tourists from around the US and the world encountered Night Watch. In addition, a series of associated and diverse public programs supported and extended the project’s reach, by expanding the messaging of More Art’s core advocacy partners in order to increase visibility and advocacy around policy issues for youth and LGBTQ+ immigrants.


The large LED screen was mounted on a barge pulled by a tug boat along the East River and the Hudson River in New York City.
Floating along the East and Hudson River
New York, NY
United States

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The project consists of a silent film on a large LED screen, mounted on a barge and pulled by a tug boat.