Synchronicity of Color


Title: Synchronicity of Color
Photo Credit: Margo Sawyer
Lead Artist(s):

<p>Synchronicity of Color completed in 2008, is the largest public work of my career. Synchronicity of Color, Red and Blue is located at Discovery Green in Houston, a 20-acre park. The artwork forms an artistic hybrid: sculpture, architecture, functional form and cultural icon. The process of its production was funded by a private/public partnership and formed from a collaborative team of artists, architects (Page Southerland Page) and landscape architects (Hargreaves Associates) and the work was administered through Houston Art Alliance and in the collection of the City of Houston-Convention &amp; Entertainment Facilities Department. Synchronicity of Color covers two above ground exits of an underground parking garage.</p> <p>Larry Speck (PSP) designed the processional gesture of the interior long staircase and I designed the interior of the stairway to be mysterious and evocative, a special space, not an ordinary stairwell. The interior&rsquo;s monochromatic space forms a stark contrast to the exuberance of the color on the exterior of the structures. The main body of the artwork, covers the exterior, aluminum box volumes mounted onto panels form an intricate grid over all four sides and the roof of each of the structures. Each has a specific dominance of color to it that creates distinction and a conversation on the colors blue and red.</p> <p>The work has become an icon for the park, when you approach the park the two works are an immediate visual draw, as they are contrasted with the green of the park. Synchronicity of Color takes its name from the word Synchronicity, which is a concept, formed by the Philosopher Carl Jung, &ldquo;meaning full coincidence&rdquo;. Color is highly symbolic as is the placement of colors creates an emotional effect on the viewer. Like, a quilt. A hybrid or mixing reflected in my own cultural and ethnic background.</p>

Parking Garage
20 acre park
1500 McKinney Street
Houston, TX 77010
United States

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Houston Art Alliance
Chelby King
Houston Art Alliance
Hargreaves Associates, Page Sutherland Page
George Hargreaves, Lawrence Speck

Metal, Painting
Metal (aluminum)