Title: Watershed
Photo Credit: Peter Richards
Lead Artist(s):


Watershed is inspired by consideration of human relations to earth, water, and food. The artwork emphasizes basic human needs: food - through the incorporation of mature olive trees, and water - the water feature based on an historic "flip-flop flume". In this context, next to a household hazardous waste facility (HHW), they suggest the fundamental aspects of human existence weighed against the continuing stream of materials that moves through our lives at various levels of expense and consequence. The tank stores rainwater from the roof and irrigates 100-year-old olive trees removed to make way for development. The "watershed" is constructed of materials salvaged from the demolition onsite buildings. This tableau of a romantic grove and agricultural watershed with a viewing window into the HHW Building as it processes, packages and ships household hazardous waste creates a juxtaposition inspiring awareness and inspiration for behavior change.


Municipal Building/Site
The EIC is a first-of-its-kind ?green enterprise? facility that houses services for residents and clean tech entrepreneurs ? all working for a healthy environment and economy in our region. With the help of the federal New Markets Tax Credit, San Jos_ transformed a marginal property into a showcase of energy- and water-efficient practices. The City's Environmental Services Department is the building owner and tenant coordinator. The EIC is home to a Habitat for Humanity "Restore" (for sale recycled building materials), a county Household Hazardous Waste drop-off, and Prospect Silicon Valley, the first nonprofit, Silicon Valley-based technology commercialization catalyst for smarter, cleaner cities globally. The EIC and services offered by its tenants contribute to San Jos_?s Green Vision goals. These goals include: diverting waste from landfills, creating clean tech jobs, retrofitting buildings to be green, and replacing streetlights with smart zero emission lights.
San Jose Environmental Innovation Center (EIC)
1608 Las Plumas Ave.
San Jose, CA 95133
United States

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City of San Jose Public Art Program
San Jose Public Art
Peter Richards Art
SWA Group, Gizmo Art Production, Inc, MPM Concrete Construction, Rain Harvesting Solutions
William Hynes, Mark Sabatino & Eric Reedy, Mark McAndrews, Nicole Oblad

Environmental Art, Sculpture, Site integrated landscape architectural work
Found/Recycled Objects, Landscape/Envirnomental Art
1/8 acre including the watershed and the adjacent olive grove (does not include the run of the stormwater capture from the roof of the main building to the water storage tank. This is approximately 125 linear feet.