Westmoreland Nature Play


Title: Westmoreland Nature Play
Photo Credit: Greenworks; Portlankd Parks and Recreation
Lead Artist(s):

<p>Artist Adam Kuby teamed with landscape architects Greenworks and Portland Parks &amp; Recreation (PP&amp;R) for this nature play pilot project, a new/old approach to playgrounds. The project uses themes based on the creek which runs through the park, starting in a giant sequoia grove and guiding children through a series of play mounds with increasing difficulty, ranging from grassy mounds, a creek mound, forest mound, to a mountain mound. Kuby designed and supervised construction of many elements including custom play equipment made of natural materials salvaged from other park sites. Log climbers with rope, giant basalt boulders, sticks and branches, water and sand are all used for their visual, sculptural, and functional qualities, as well as for safety and ease of maintenance. The artfully designed playground invites children to engage in open-ended play with natural elements. Already, its overwhelming popularity illustrates its ability to connect to children&#39;s imaginations.</p>

Playground located on the west side of Westmoreland Park in Portland, Oregon which was the recent site of a major restoration project to bring salmon back to Crystal Springs Creek. Crystal Springs Creek is a tributary of Johnson Creek, and is home to fish, river otter, heron, eagles, and frogs. Its naturally cool water and steady, year-round flow provide ideal fish habitat. Endangered salmon and trout, including coho, Chinook, and steelhead migrate through Westmoreland Park to the ocean and back again to spawn. Crystal Springs Creek is a place for children and adults to experience and enjoy nature in the city.
Westmoreland Park
SE McLoughlin Blvd & Bybee Blvd
Portland, OR 97202
United States

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City of Portland, Parks & Recreation
Regional Arts & Culture Council
Greenworks, KPFF Consulting Engineers, Oregon Log Homes, Co, Stone Sculptures, Inc.
Ben Johnson, Ryan Milkowski, Matt Kemper, Ed Lockett

Site integrated architectural work, Site integrated landscape architectural work
Mixed Media
Dimensions: Approximately 1.4 acres