Public Art Administrators

Public art administrators need tools and resources to advance public art in their communities. This page provides information on standard best practice, sample ordinances, contracts, calls for artists, publications, and more. Organized into administrative categories, there are white papers, readings, research, samples and other sources you can use to manage and develop your public art program or project.

Public Art Artists

This page focuses on tools and resources for artists who are working or are interested in working in the public art field. Resources include other organizations that specialize in supporting working artists to recommended readings and an open letter created and signed by professional public art artists. For more general information on being a working artists, such as insurance and advocacy, visit For Artist.

Topic-Specific Resources

This page is a host of information on specific topics and how those topics relate to the public art field. Topics range from creative placemaking to monuments and memorials to healthcare and street art. Resources vary depending on the topic and can include on-line and print readings as well as links to other organizations.

Connecting to the Public Art Field

New to public art and want to learn more? Administer a public art program and want to join others to share information and learning? This page provides contact information and resources to stay up-to-date in the public art field with information on regional, national and international organzations. 

(Leap by Lawrence Argent, Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission.
Photo Credit: Ed Asmus. 2012 PAN Year in Review honoree)