Regional Professional Groups By State


Northern California Public Art Administrators Network (NorCal PAAN), Steven Huss, NorCal PAAN Contact

Public Art Coalition of Southern California (PAC SoCal), PAC SoCal Contact


Colorado State Public Art Network, Michael Chavez, Public Art Program Manager, Denver Arts & Venues

District of Columbia

District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia (DMV) Regional Public Art Network, Liesel Fenner, DMV Contact


Florida Association of Public Art Professionals, Malinda Horton, Organziation Manager


Northwestern Public Art Conference (NoWPAC)


District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia (DMV) Regional Public Art Network, Liesel Fenner, DMV Contact


Northwestern Public Art Conference (NoWPAC)


Oklahoma Arts Council - Oklahoma Public Art Network (OPAN), Jarica Walsh, Director of Art in Public Places 


Northwestern Public Art Conference (NoWPAC)


Philadelphia Public Art Forum hosted by the Assocation for Public Art, Laura S. Griffith, Assistant Director


Texas Public Art Administrators, Carrie Brown, Texas Public Art Administrators Contact


District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia (DMV) Regional Public Art Network, Liesel Fenner, DMV Contact


Northwestern Public Art Conference (NoWPAC)


Resources for Developing a Regional Public Art Group

There are approximately 10 regional public art groups around the country and we have seen that number grow over the years. Regional groups are a great way to encourage networking of local public art professionals, artists and others interested in the field of public art. Gathering of local professionals have led to a shared understanding of best practices and addressing of regional issues such as conservation challenges and policy advocacy. As the regional groups address issues specific to their areas no two groups are alike. Each operates separately, though most are unincorporated managed by a dedicated set of volunteers. Americans for the Arts and the Public Art Network (PAN) Advisory Council see regional groups as a means to grow the field through the spread of best practices and networking among professionals. Below are a series of tools meant to support current groups and the growth of new groups. 

Webinar Series on Developing a Regional Group - Though this series focuses on emerging leaders’ groups, much of the same lessons apply to the development, financial administration and sustainability of other unincorporated groups such as public art regional networks.

2015 Regional Public Art Survey Summary - In 2015 a survey of seven established regional groups was completed to better understand how these groups functioned and the focus of their meetings.
Sample Agendas from established regional public art groups: