Juror Name & Title: 
Gail Goldman, Public Art Consultant
Number of Jurors: 
Juror 2 Name & Title: 
Kendal Henry, Artist and Public Art Consultant
Juror 3 Name & Title: 
Richard Turner, Artist
Presentation Date & Location: 
Presented at the 2011 Public Art Network Preconference in San Diego, CA on June 16th
Additional Notes/Information: 

As part of the 2011 PAN Year in Review selection process, the jury selected a San Joes Public Art as Program of the Year to highlight their attributes to best practices and leadership to the field. See here to learn more:

2011 PAN Year in Review Program of the Year Award: San Jose Public Art

The context in which a public artwork exists extends beyond the building or plaza that it might inhabit through the immediate audience and the wider community to the institution that commissioned it. It is at this level that vision of the arts administrator and/or consultant is of paramount importance.  A comprehensive plan, a unique vision can bring a sense of cohesiveness to the experience of a suite of artworks in a single building or a constellation of works spread throughout a city. Furthermore, the skilled arts administrator is often the artist’s best ally when it comes to negotiating the bureaucracy that often attends the public art process. It is important to recognize both the innovative programs that arts administrators have conceived and their tireless advocacy for the individual artist and artwork.

Here are some of the reasons why San Jose was recognized as Program of the Year, which you can adapt to your purposes any way you see fit:

  • Every single project and San Jose submitted made the first and second cuts, making it outstanding among all other program submittals. 
  • Exemplary leadership and vision.
  • Willingness to think outside the box and take risks, which in fact are thoughtful and calculated.
  • Clever, unique, inventive public art projects.
  • Precedent-setting partnerships with the private sector and resourceful integration of artwork within capital construction budgets.
  • Making a difference in the field of public art as well as contributing to San Jose’s identify as a creative and tech-savvy city.
  • Consistent standards of excellence in concept, implementation, and maintenance.
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