Quick Facts about United States Urban Arts Federation

Membership Criteria
  • The local arts agency (LAA) must be the designated agency in an eligible city.
  • The LAA must be a full service agency providing an array of the following: competitive grantmaking, public art, technical assistance, facilities management, arts education programs, cultural tourism programs, and other services.
  • The representative to USUAF must be the head of the LAA.
  • Establish and exchange information around innovation in the field in the areas of public policy, programming, outreach, arts education, and fundraising by sharing and advancing equitable practices.
  • Share equitable practices on risk-taking that generate meaningful public and private sector policies that collectively strengthen local communities in the United States.
  • Act as advocates on arts issues on local, state, and national levels to bring awareness of local level concerns, the strength of working through local arts agencies and the value of the arts.

For a full list of USUAF organizations, please see the Arts Services Directory.