In this Section: Promotion & Recognition

Your are a champion of the arts every day. We share in your commitment to champion the arts and, like you, we believe it takes a clear and persistent message to raise public awareness of the value of the arts, and we believe it takes collaborative partnerships to have the most impact in our work.

We applaud your work and join you by creating a national stage on which to raise visibility and awareness for the arts as a fuel for innovation and transformation across our country.

In many arenas - including through public awareness campaigna and awards for national arts leadership - Americans for the Arts puts the arts in the spotlight. Connections make us all stronger, and our partnerships with people and organizations across sectors and industries are crucial.

By promoting collaboration in the form of alliances, partnerships, linkages, and mergers, Americans for the Arts builds a stronger voice in support of the arts and is better able to highlight the work you do as a champion of the arts on a national stage.

Awards for Arts Achievement
Strategic Partners
Visibility Campaigns