Guillermina Gonzalez

2017 Honoree - Michael Newton Award


Guillermina Gonzalez is a multicultural professional with experience in the United States, Mexico and Europe as an executive in both the corporate and the nonprofit sectors. Dr. Gonzalez was appointed Delaware Arts Alliance’s first Executive Director in January 2010. Her business experience and passion for the arts has served the organization and the sector well. DAA helped double the State Arts Budget since 2014 making Delaware third in the nation in state arts funding. DAA has quadrupled its individual membership and increased its Institutional Support while doubling its funding base in three years. Support received includes the Delaware Division of the Arts, the Department of Education, and 100% Board participation. Dr. Gonzalez has expanded DAA’s outreach by making social media part of the organization’s effort. Combining arts and businesses come natural to Dr. Gonzalez. Her dissertation incorporated millennials and theatre in a consumer behavior model using a second generation statistical analysis. In addition, she teaches Global Management Models at the Doctor of Business Administration Program at Wilmington University.