American Girl LogoTo support Saige’s message of preserving arts programs in U.S. schools, Americans for the Arts has teamed up with American Girl to provide tools and resources for arts supporters everywhere.

Saige Doll and Small Version of Book Front CoverWhether you’re a parent, caretaker, or concerned citizen, there are many things you can do to take action, just like Saige did. Below are a few ideas and resources to get you started in making sure that all kids are getting their fair share of the arts, both in school and in the community. 

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Ten Simple Ways

What if your child's school doesn't provide classes in art, music, dance, and theater? Check out our 10 simple ways to get more arts into your child’s life!

Download this list as a PDF for easy sharing.

Hot Air Balloon ImageQuestions to Ask

Here are questions to ask your education leaders to determine the quality of your school or district's arts program. Use our benchmarks to gauge how serious your school's commitment is to arts education. 

Download the question list to easily share with officials.

Hot Air Balloon ImageFamily Activities

We all know that learning begins at home. So much of what kids learn comes from watching their parents and taking part in family activities. We've put together some simple ideas to help your child enjoy the arts.

Download the list of activities as an abbreviated one-page handout.

Hot Air Balloon ImageLearning Guide

American Girl and Americans for the Arts have created a free collection of arts activities (in PDF format) for teachers to use with students, grades 3–6. These activities encourage imagination and creativity.


Hot Air Balloon ImageElevate the Arts School Grant Contest

American Girl, in partnership with Americans for the Arts, invited elementary school art teachers to submit student projects and an essay about how their schools value art, as well as how a grant would be used to further art in their schools. Our judging committee rewarded 13 schools with grants totaling $45,000. Read more about the winning schools here!