Christopher "Kip" Forbes

BCA 10 Leadership Award

Christopher "Kip" Forbes
Vice Chairman
Forbes, Inc.

Forbes, Inc. is a private media company which delivers business information to millions of executives and investors worldwide. Its leading publication, Forbes, together with Forbes Asia and Europe has a global following of over five million readers. The company’s website,, is a leading news website and, along with its other online publications, reaches nearly 20 million business decision-makers each month. Christopher Forbes is the vice chairman of Forbes, Inc. where he shares responsibility for the advertising and promotion departments.

Christopher "Kip" Forbes attributes his artistic upbringing to his father, Malcolm Forbes. An avid collector of Faberge eggs and other rare items, Forbes’s father fostered his appreciation for the arts and his understanding of the arts’ importance to society. Christopher Forbes graduated from Princeton University in 1972 with a bachelor’s of arts in art history. While an undergraduate at Princeton, Forbes was a curator of The Forbes Collection and acquired the largest collection of English 19th-century paintings in North America. In 1985, Forbes transformed the ground floor of the Forbes, Inc. offices into The Forbes Magazine Galleries, which both distinguished it from other companies and provided an arts-rich work environment. Early on in his career, Forbes understood the mutually beneficial relationship between business and the arts and constantly worked to promote it.

Christopher Forbes expanded the program at the Forbes Galleries to showcase the artistic talents of employees, hosting not only employee art shows, but also literary readings and performing arts events. The galleries promoted new connections between employees who may not have had the opportunity to work closely beforehand.  Forbes believes that "the arts not only make for a more stimulating and creative work environment, but they also have a direct impact on the bottom line."

Christopher Forbes consistently demonstrates artful leadership. He serves on the board of several arts nonprofits, including The Brooklyn Museum, The Newark Museum, The Friends of New Jersey State Museum, The New York Academy of Art, The Victorian Society in America, and The Advisory Committee of the Department of European Decorative Arts of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, just to name a few. Forbes also played a major role in the strengthening and development of the Business Committee for the Arts (BCA), serving as a member of its board for nearly two decades. Forbes then went on to help develop BCA’s programming to ensure that the business community increased its support of art institutions, organizations, and the presence of art in the workplace.

Under Forbes’s leadership, Forbes, Inc. was a pioneer supporter of BCA's business and arts awards, now known as The BCA 10: Best Companies Supporting the Arts in America, working to bolster art support from businesses nationwide. As a business leader who has profited from employee and customer loyalty, Forbes believes he has a responsibility to give back to those individuals and their communities by supporting an integral and vital part of society—the arts.