Individual issue briefs are also available in the Legislative Issue Center

Chapter 1: Issue Briefs to Congress
  • National Endowment for the Arts (pdf)

    • Legislative Recap of 2017 Appropriations (pdf)
  • Strengthening Arts Education

    • Funding the Arts Education Program at the U.S. Department of Education (pdf)
    • Strengthening Arts Education–Helping Children Achieve in School, Work and Life (pdf)
    • Unified Statement: Arts Education–Creating Student Success in School, Work and Life (pdf)
  • Tax Reform

    • Encouraging Charitable Gifts to Support Community Access to the Arts (pdf)
    • Tax Fairness for Artists and Writers (pdf)
  • Office of Museum Services (pdf)
  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting (pdf)
  • CREATE Act—Supporting Artists, Entrepreneurs, and the Creative Economy (pdf)
  • Cultural Exchanges through the U.S. Department of State (pdf)
  • Visa Process for Foreign Guest Artists (pdf)
  • Arts in Health (pdf)
  • Arts and the Military (pdf)
  • Arts and Infrastructure (pdf)
  • Statements of Concern

    • Healthcare Coverage (pdf)
    • Fair Compensation for Music Creators (pdf)
    • National Service and the Arts (pdf)
    • Network Neutrality (pdf)
    • Protecting Performing Arts Technology (pdf)
Chapter 2: U.S. House of Representatives Arts Voting Record (pdf)

The U.S. House arts support record includes membership in the Congressional Arts Caucus, Congressional STEAM Caucus, signatory status of the 2016 NEA "Dear Colleague" letter and 2016 OMS "Dear Colleague" letter, participation in the Congressional Arts Competition, as well as one prevous vote on the House floor to cut NEA funding by $20.5 million.

  • House Voting Record Key (pdf)
Chapter 3: U.S. Senate Arts Support Record (pdf)

The Senate support record includes membership in the Senate Cultural Caucus, signatory status of the 2016 NEA "Dear Colleague" letter and 2016 OMS "Dear Colleague" letter, and signatory status of the 2017 letter to President Trump expressing support for the NEA and NEH. 

  • Senate Voting Record Sheet Key (pdf)
Chapter 4: Directories of House and Senate Arts Caucuses (as of 02/1/2017)
  • Congressional Arts Caucus (pdf)
  • Congressional STEAM Caucus (pdf)
  • Senate Cultural Caucus (pdf)
Chapter 5: Facts and Figures (pdf)
Chapter 6: Directory of 2017 National Partners (pdf)
Chapter 7: Letters to Congress from National Partners (pdf)
Chapter 8: Fields at a Glance
  • Trend information on various arts fields and specific disciplines