Download the 2018 Congressional Arts Handbook

Chapter 1: Issue Briefs to Congress
  • National Endowment for the Arts (pdf)

    • Legislative Recap Appropriations (pdf)
  • Strengthening Arts Education

    • Funding the Arts Education Program at the U.S. Department of Education (pdf)
    • Strengthening Arts in Higher Education: Putting Students on a Path for an Affordable Future (pdf)
    • Strengthening Arts Education: Creating Student Success in School, Work and Life (pdf)
  • Tax Reform

    • Encouraging Charitable Giving to Support Public Access to the Arts (pdf)
    • Tax Fairness for Artists and Writers (pdf)
  • Office of Museum Services: Promoting Lifelong Learning and Protecting our National Heritage (pdf)
  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting (pdf)
  • The CREATE Act: Supporting Artists, Entrepreneurs, and the Creative Economy (pdf)
  • Cultural Exchanges through the U.S. Department of State (pdf)
  • Visa Process for Foreign Guest Artists (pdf)
  • Arts in Health: Improving the Health of Americans Through the Arts (pdf)
  • Arts and the Military: Improving the Health of Active Military and Veterans Through the Arts (pdf)
  • Arts and Infrastructure: Supporting Art in Public Transportation Projects (pdf)
  • Statements of Concern

    • Music Licensing: Fair Compensation for Music Creators (pdf)
    • Net Neutrality: Preserving an Open Internet (pdf)
    • Protecting WirelessTechnology for the Arts (pdf)
Chapter 2: U.S. House of Representatives Arts Voting Record (pdf) and Key (pdf)
Chapter 3: U.S. Senate Arts Support Record (pdf) and Key (pdf)
Chapter 4: Directories of House and Senate Arts Caucuses (as of 02/16/2018)
  • Congressional Arts Caucus (pdf)
  • Congressional STEAM Caucus (pdf)
  • Senate Cultural Caucus (pdf)
Chapter 5: Facts and Figures (pdf)
Chapter 6: Directory of 2018 National Partners (pdf)
Chapter 7: 2018 Letters to Congress from National Partners (pdf)
Chapter 8: Fields at a Glance