10 Lessons the Arts Teach


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10 Lessons the Arts Teach

"Elliot Eisner, a Chicago High School art teacher turned Professor of Art Education at Stanford University, developed a lidy of lessons that capture the importance of teaching the arts.  These concepts strongly support the Common Core values. Eisner stated that more attention should be paid to the cognitive aspects of art activity. He cautioned against attitudes to art being colored by the idea that its practice is motivated by what are termed 'emotional and creative' forces. He argued that artistic training assists students to develop problem solving skills.  It is essential, he claimed, that educators allow sufficient space in the day for students to explore the world in their own way through the arts.  If this need is not met, they miss out on a form of experiencing that will be necessary for them in order to attain a high quality of life when they graduate. Engagement with the arts support students to be able to discern what is important for them with regard to quality of life." 

Elliott Eisner identified 10 lessons which are clarified through the study of art in schools.


Eisner, Elliot
February 2016
10 Lessons the Arts Teach

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